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Austrack Camper Trailer Tent 12′ 1200MM

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Austrack 12′ camper trailer tent (only), includes full annex, walls & floor

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There are many different designs & qualities of Camper Trailer Tents on the market today, and often the price dictates the quality, similar to any product. However, there are certain specifications whilst little extra cost at manufacturing level can make the difference between a trouble free & comfortable camping experience, for many years to come, or a short lived camping nightmare.

Throughout the years in this industry as specialists in Camper Trailers and camper Tents, we have listened to what our customers have to say, their ideas, comments and suggestions. We welcomed feedback. As our tents are used on a daily basis by Camping Companies, Tour Companies, and Safari based adventure Companies from Cape York to the Tiwi Islands, by families in the school holidays, & retirees on extended holidays, a culmination of all this feedback led to the final design of our 12′ Tent.

The doors (front, rear, and annex wall door) are also ‘U’ shaped instead of the usual ‘D’ shaped doors. There is a canvas ‘U’ shaped door and a micro mesh ‘U’ shaped door at each entrance, both with double zips. The benefits are as follows.

The doors are easy to roll from the bottom to the top & vice versa rather than from right to left, where it can take two people to roll across due to the size of the door.
3 of the doors are ‘U’ shaped & have a sewn in valance above them to deflect the rain, and stop the doors getting wet.
The doors are much larger allowing easier access (no tripping over the door edges) & allows much more airflow.
The doors all have a canvas strip which covers & protects the zip, stopping rain getting into the tent. With the original ‘D’ shaped doors as seen on 99% of tents, the zip is exposed to the elements, and if it rains heavily it can leak into the tent particularly through the rear door & annex door.
Additional Benefits and Inclusions

A 15cm zip is sewn into the bottom right hand corner of the main tent for leads etc.
Sewn in storage pockets throughout.
A detachable canvas flap is provided for covering the trailer tailgate.
Steel rings sewn in for pegging down of tent.
Spare parts/repair kit provided.
Can be set up by 1 person in around 10-15 minutes.
Fits trailers 1150mm-1220mm from ground to top of trailer, with an optimum height of 1200mm.
Total weight 145kgs, including annex walls & additional poles supplied for window awnings etc.
We can also supply full fitting kits including gas struts, over center latches, brackets etc.