• AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Telegraph_001
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Telegraph_002
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Telegraph_003
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Telegraph_004
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Telegraph_005
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Telegraph_006
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Telegraph_007
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Telegraph_008
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Telegraph_009
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Telegraph_010
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Telegraph_011
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Telegraph_012
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Telegraph_013
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Telegraph_014
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Telegraph_015
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Telegraph_016
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Telegraph_017
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Telegraph_018
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Telegraph_019
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Telegraph_020
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Telegraph_021
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Telegraph_022
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Telegraph_023
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Telegraph_024
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Telegraph_025
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Telegraph_026
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Telegraph_027
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Telegraph_028
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Telegraph_029

Austrack Telegraph Camper Trailer

Price on Enquiry

Forward folding off road hard floor camper trailer package



If you’re looking for a serious and solid built trailer, that will go anywhere and tackle the roughest of terrain, then please look closely at our new HARD FLOOR models.

This is not your typical knock together Camper Trailer Package. This is a FULLY WELDED AND BAKED ENAMEL Camper Trailer without the price tag. Many trailers with lesser specifications than this one sell up in the $30000+ price bracket. The trailer is fitted with our fully optioned 16oz Australian spec canvas.