• AT_CAM_700x400_HFL_Savannah-X_001
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Savannah-X_001
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Savannah-X_002
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Savannah-X_003
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Savannah-X_004
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Savannah-X_005
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Savannah-X_006
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Savannah-X_007
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Savannah-X_008
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Savannah-X_009
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Savannah-X_010
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Savannah-X_011
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Savannah-X_012
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Savannah-X_013
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Savannah-X_014
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Savannah-X_015
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Savannah-X_016
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Savannah-X_017
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Savannah-X_018
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Savannah-X_019
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Savannah-X_020
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_HFL_Savannah-X_021

Austrack Savannah-X Camper Trailer

Price on Enquiry

Forward folding rear slide off road hard floor camper trailer package



The Savannah X has been nominated as a finalist in the Camper Trailer of the Year 2018 awards! Check out the Judge’s Comments tab below to see what they had to say. For the video review, head to the Videos tab below.

Do you love the forward fold camper format but just need a bit more space? If you’re taking the family camping, check out the new Savannah Rear Slide, Forward Fold camper with all the features you love about the original forward fold, plus TWO queen size beds! This is not your typical knock together Camper Trailer Package.

This is a FULLY WELDED AND BAKED ENAMEL Camper Trailer without the price tag. Many trailers with lesser specifications than this one sell up in the $30000+ price bracket. The trailer is fitted with our fully optioned 16oz Australian spec canvas.