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  • AT_CAM_1500x750_SFL_Extreme_004
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_SFL_Extreme_005
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  • AT_CAM_1500x750_SFL_Extreme_010
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_SFL_Extreme_011
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_SFL_Extreme_012
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_SFL_Extreme_013
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_SFL_Extreme_014
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_SFL_Extreme_015
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_SFL_Extreme_018
  • AT_CAM_1500x750_SFL_Extreme_020
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  • AT_CAM_1500x750_SFL_Extreme_023
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Austrack Extreme Camper Trailer

Price on Enquiry

Extreme off road camper trailer package



If you’re looking for a serious and solid built trailer that will go anywhere, look closely at our most popular seller the Extreme model. This is a GALVANISED, FULLY WELDED & POWDERCOATED Australian made top quality Camper trailer without the price tag. The Extreme can be tailor made to suit your requirements. Trailers having electric brakes like this one fitted can be registered as a 1500kg trailer allowing you to legally carry significant weight (over 750kgs to 1500kgs). The trailer is fitted with our fully optioned 13oz rip stop Off Road Tent in either Blue or Green.